The missions in GTA 5 money Online is one of the best ways to start getting money. But also one of the ways to build a reputation and level up in the game. There are missions that are really simple and have incredible rewards. That is why it is very important to do the missions that are in the game.

There are several different characters who provide missions to players. In order to start a mission simply you have to call the character and take the job . But you have to keep in mind that the missions have level restriction. That is why there will be some missions that you can not access, even if you already have a high level in the game.
But missions that are unlocked per level need not always be blocked. There are certain jobs that can be achieved even without being of the necessary level. All you have to do is call the character until he offers you that mission.

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In GTA Online there are missions and missions. Some are fast and offer lots of money. Others take a lot more time and the reward is not so juicy. However, all missions can help you advance in the game. But we must discern which we agree and which are not . The very difficult missions for the new players will cause them to lose time, along with penalties for the deaths in the missions. That is why we must distinguish between easy and difficult, and begin with the simplest.


Difficult or easy, there are some points to keep in mind when we plan to start doing missions in GTA Online. Some points that can be very useful and we save a lot of time and trouble as players.

Let’s share with you 7 tips that will help you when starting a mission or choosing which to carry out.

  1. Buying armor before a mission is usually worth it. The cost of the armor is much less than the costly penalties for death imposed by the game.
  2. Missions Simeon often take a long time and their reward, usually not worth it. Missions Gerald have a much greater monetary reward.
  3. Blue moving dots that are not automatically tracked by GPS appear in Quick GPS (fast GPS).
  4. When you drive a vehicle, if a passenger sets a position on the GPS it will also appear on your map.
  5. If you find a worthwhile mission for farmear , repeat it everything you can. There are some missions in which you appear randomly, and are blocked so that you can request it from the character who offers it.
  6. Always press the RT or R1 button to repeat the mission if everyone has liked it. Do this even when the option to repeat the mission is not displayed.
  7. Do not worry if you do not have the minimum level for the mission. Only the leader of the group is the one who must have the minimum level of the mission. All other players may have a lower level and carry out the mission while the leader complies with this rule.

Here are some basic but very useful tips to be taken into account when a game is started in GTA Online and plans to carry out missions or farmear in the game. Keep these tips in mind if you do not want to waste your precious time doing things wrong.