Clash Royale is the newest game developer Supercell, launched in January 2016. The game, available for free for devices iOS and Android – officially paid content available for purchase, is a combination of collectible cards, tower defense and multiplayer disputes. This mixture eventually resulted in thousands of engaged players, forming a large community in a short time of existence and showing evidence of a new force in eSports.

The IGN Brazil has infiltrated the dungeons of castles and entered into combat to understand more about this new phenomenon. Below the verdict that arrived while we waited the time between one match and another.

1. Quality assurance of Supercell

Although also have produced Hay Day and Boom Beach, the Supercell is primarily recognized for Clash of Clans. The strategic MMO Finnish company has an estimated revenue of US $ 1.5 million per day, so use characters of the hit game universe to create Clash Royale gems free was a great strategy to attract who was a fan of games company. Moreover, Supercell know very well deal with the public and listen to the requests of fans – something rare when it comes to a game developer in most freemium (free, but paid services).

2. Community engaged

Community participation is essential for the growth of a game. In the case of Clash Royale is amazing to watch as players engage with statistics and different compositions of cards and games, sharing all possible information with other players.With less than three months old, Clash Royale already brings together thousands of people in forums like Reddit and even has celebrity fans such as the US Chief Pat – youtuber and streamer already reached more than 1.7 million subscribed to your YouTube channel specialized in the most popular games of Supercell.

3. Simple gameplay

Fans of Clash of Clans Clash soon became interested in Royale much thanks to the gameplay, much faster and simplified. Although demonstrate a relatively easy game to beginners, strategies and tricks found with experience in battle show that the title has increasingly offer. A calloused player knows exactly at what time or location is more advantageous drop your troops, while a rookie still throws his cards recklessly – which brings us to the next item …

4. It was done to competition

The newest title Supercell is extremely competitive. All the mechanics of Clash Royale revolves around the battle between players, whether they be of the same clan or complete strangers located in opposite regions on the globe. The game has the potential to become a real force in the portable eSports market, as strange as it may sound to the more traditional players.

Overall, there is a games replays transmission section of other players – whether professional or not – within the game itself. This demonstrates an innovative vision for the company, bringing back something that could be achieved by competitors such as Twitch, Azubu or Hitbox. This kind of initiative not only supports the learning of beginners, but also encourages all professional competitive scene with new strategies being created and demonstrated.

clash royale tips and tricks

5. Regular updates

Like any good game with the potential to become an electronic sports, Clash Royale hack for free gems and gold performs constant updates in its interface, gameplay, card features and other important aspects to keep fresh competitive scene enough. This keeps players interested with unprecedented detail and results in community discussions about pros and cons of different decks of cards or strategies.

6. You are always winning

Like any good game, Clash Royale is addictive. One of the reasons for him to get into the routine and not leave it the way distributes its awards. There are several ways to make chests and thus receive new cards from a reward for a battle to the free trunks, which are released every three hours. The game draws the player several times a day to use these awards, maintaining a sense of constant reward. When you least expect it, voilà: you are opening the game every hour to enter new fighting and get more gifts.

Can Super Mario Run beat Pokémon GO?


The first game Mario on mobile comes out Thursday on iPhone, six months after the launch of Pokémon GO, which met a phenomenal success. He too can beat all records.

The comparison is inevitable. Super Mario Run, available from Thursday on iPhone and iPad, is on course to follow in the footsteps of Pokémon GO , the biggest success in mobile games of the year. The two titles share some similarities: they exploit very popular licenses of the Japanese Nintendo and were much awaited before their release. Super Mario Run is going to have a lot to do to mimic the phenomenal success of Pokémon GO, which has almost reached the 100 million active players this summer. Can Nintendo reiterate the feat?

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YES, because it is the “nostalgeek” game par excellence

The strength of Super Mario Run is in one word: Mario. The famous video game license is a powerful argument for attracting players. Pokémon GO has enjoyed a strong momentum of “nostalgeek”, that is to say a nostalgia of the gamers for the games that they played during their childhood and their adolescence. Without Pokémon, the application would not have been as successful. The latter is also modeled on another title of Niantic, Ingress, available since 2013 and has never had the popularity of his successor. Proof of the commitment of the players and others to Pikachu, Pokémon GO boosted sales of other games on the console license . Mario could follow the same trajectory and even go farther than Pokémon GO. The character, probably the most popular in the history of video games, is carried by thirty years of history on console.

NO, because their economic model is different

Pokémon GO is a free, but lucrative application. Its economic model relies mainly on micropayments: players can buy objects to hunt the Pokémon more easily. Niantic also develops partnerships with retailers, who pay for their stores to be included in the game. For example, McDonald’s restaurants in Japan. In the United States, some Starbucks cafes offered drinks dedicated to Pokémon GO to gamers, thanks to an ad appearing in the app. The game had already garnered over $ 600 million in sales at the end of September, just three months after its release. Today Pokémon GO earn much less money, after losing millions of players , but remains among the most lucrative applications on iOS and Android.

For its part, the Super Mario Run model is more like a console video game, sold by the unit. The first three levels are free. To unlock the next 19, it will cost 9.99 euros. A much higher price than those usually practiced in mobile games. Super Mario Run could generate $ 71 million in sales during its first month of launch, according to mobile analytics company Sensor Tower , or about 7 million users agreeing to pay admission fees. Where Pokémon GO raised more than $ 143 million in its first 30 days of activity.

Note that Nintendo will benefit more from the success of Super Mario Run than from Pokémon GO. It is a “house” game, developed by Nintendo and DeNA, one of the leading players in mobile gaming in Japan. Pokémon GO has been created by him Niantic , a former subsidiary of Google, in collaboration with the Pokémon Company, which Nintendo owns approximately 30%.

NO, because it is currently reserved for iPhone

Super Mario Run is for the moment exclusively reserved for iPhone and iPad, although an exit on Android is expected soon. A difference in treatment that Nintendo justifies for security reasons. Hacking mobile gaming is indeed more prevalent on Android than iOS. It is also likely that Nintendo prefers to first tackle the iPhone owners market, traditionally more prone to spend money in applications than people using Android smartphones. Nevertheless, it also deprives him of a considerable audience. Android now accounts for 87% of the smartphones used in the world, compared with 11% for iOS, Apple’s mobile operating system. For its part, Pokémon GO also had a two-speed launch, staggered in time by country. The French example had wait two weeks before you can download the application officially . But the game was well available on iOS and Android.

NO, because it’s a less innovative game

The success of Pokémon GO also lies in its originality. The game introduced the principle of augmented reality to the general public. This technology makes it possible to mix virtual elements with the real world. In the case of Pokémon GO, its exploitation is very basic: when we spot a Pokémon, the camera of the smartphone snaps, allowing the player to capture the little monster in the surrounding environment. This feature has contributed to the popularity of Pokémon GO on social networks, which soon found themselves flooded with photos of Pokémon in incongruous places, in the street, in a saucepan or even in the toilet. The game also uses the geolocation of the smartphone , allowing use of social game, meeting friends or strangers to hunt rare Pokémon to the same places. For weeks, it was not uncommon to encounter hordes of players traveling the streets of the big cities of the world, eyes riveted on their mobile phone.

Super Mario Run is a much more classic game. Its principle is simple: Mario runs and avoids small obstacles, helped by the player who leans to jump and attack enemies. Not enough to create jokes on the Internet, to bring out millions of people on the streets and to be erected during a summer in social phenomenon in the media.

YES, because it’s a better game

Pokémon GO has lost tens of millions of users since this summer. Niantic has since attempted to revive the interest in his game by offering new events, for example for Halloween or Christmas, or new Pokémon to be captured. Pokémon GO is an original game but difficult to renew. With his 24 levels, and his dose of challenges, Super Mario Run does not risk bothering his player. “Like the games on the console series, the application requires skill and patience. Levels must be repeated several times to learn their mechanical and placement of platforms, “warned Chloe Woitier, journalist at Le Figaro , during his test released last week . If not original, Super Mario Run is above all a good game.

‘One Piece Treasure Cruise’: Top 10 Tips & Cheats u moet weten

One Piece Treasure Cruise tips and tricks

1. Word meer vertrouwd zijn met sterktes en zwaktes van het spel

De één kenmerk van het karakter tijdens gevecht dat belangrijk is, is hun types element. Elk van deze karakter types van toepassing zijn op een bepaalde kleur aansluiting. Red geldt voor STR, groen wordt geassocieerd met DEX, blauw werkt met QCK, geel geldt voor PSY en paars geldt voor INT. En vergeet niet – STR> DEX, DEX> QCK, QCK> STR en PSY en INT zijn beide zwak tegen elkaar.

2. Get Your Timing Recht in het Vroege Potions van de Game

Het belangrijkste aspect van de juiste manier te winnen tijdens het gevecht is de timing. Zorg ervoor dat je in een vlotte ritme wanneer je je personages sturen om aan te vallen. Wordt super vertrouwd met wat de tutorial vertelt u te doen. Tik op je karakter, houden nauwlettend in de gaten op de aanval woorden weg naar het centrum van de persoon die je aanvalt en tik direct op een ander karakter krijgen een perfecte keten te gaan. Perfect keten aanvallen leidt tot grote Doom aanvallen, dus krijg je timing goed zodra je dieper in het verhaal te krijgen.

3. Gebruik alleen goed of Groot-aanvallen te herstellen HP

Als u eenmaal een stuk vlees plek naast een van uw partijgenoten, stuur die bijzondere karakter uit te vallen. Je moet voorzichtig zijn en alleen proberen om een ​​goede of Groot-aanval het land in om een ​​aantal HP te herstellen met het vlees die u aanschaft. Vergeet niet om nooit het land een perfecte aanval. Perfect aanvallen sturen het vlees vliegen en je zult geen HP niet herstellen.

4. Breng Altijd Samen een Live Player’s Guest Character

Voordat je hoofd in een nieuw verhaal hoofdstuk, zult u altijd de mogelijkheid om hun gasten kapitein met u mee in de strijd. voeg ze toe altijd aan uw feest. Je gaat naar een extra hand nodig voor de strijd, dat is de reden waarom deze gast partij leden zijn van essentieel belang. Na de voltooiing van een hoofdstuk, zorg ervoor dat je de persoon die je een kapitein geleend van een vriend te versturen. Meer vrienden betekent meer gasten kapiteins en meer Friend Points verdien je meer kansen om nieuwe personages te krijgen.

5. Maak altijd de weg tot Landing een Doom Attack

Na de landing een reeks Goed, Grote of Perfect aanvallen met je party leden, de mogelijkheid om gebruik van een almachtige Doom aanval opduikt. Zodra die aanval melding verschijnt op het scherm en tik op uw volgende partij lid in de rij om te landen dat Doom aanval. Probeer altijd en land deze krachtige afwerking staking tijdens elke beurt u neemt.

6. Verhoog uw Pirate Level om meer uithoudingsvermogen verdienen

• Het enige wat die u toelaat om te blijven spelen is het levelen van je Pirate Level. Het doen zal dit uw Stamina meter te verhogen, waardoor je de energie die nodig is om het hoofd in een ander hoofdstuk geeft. Probeer en doe veel in de strijd te allen tijde een betere kans om een ​​level omhoog te krijgen. Perfect aanval strings zijn de weg te gaan wanneer u wilt uw kansen van nivellering naar boven te verhogen.

7. Het invullen van de hoofdstukken op de 1e proberen om Bonus Items

Afwerking een verhaal hoofdstuk over de 1e poging zal de netto u een 1e duidelijke bonus.Probeer die verhaal hoofdstukken op de 1e try te voltooien zonder verlies te zorgen dat u die bonus te krijgen. Je zou kunnen lopen met een extra Rainbow juweeltje in het proces.

8. Upgrade Uw Schip zoveel mogelijk

Niet alleen heb je de kans om uw partijleden upgraden, krijg je de mogelijkheid om uw lijn van piratenschepen upgraden. De schepen geofferd voor de aankoop biedt verschillende types van het vermogen boosters om uw piraat bemanning. Upgrade uw favoriete schip en profiteer van de beste partij bonussen je weg gestuurd.

9. Power Up Uw Hoofdpersonen middelen die ten koste je zwakkere Pirates

Playholic.com vertelde de spelers dat ze hun zwakkere, één ster piraten in de richting van de Power Up proces voor hun belangrijkste partijleden moeten zetten:

10. Probeer en Nab als Veel Rainbow Gems mogelijk terwijl de game downloads een update

DealForALiving.com laat spelers weten dat ze zich moeten voorbereiden op de Rainbow Gem minigame wanneer het spel zelf is in het midden van de bijwerking:

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