Pokémon GO – GO Plus What is Pokémon? Price and accessory features for coaches

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These days the world has burst the craze of “catch them all”, thanks to the new mobile application developed by Niantic and produced by The Pokémon Company, Pokemon GO hack .

As we all know by now, the app is based on augmented reality and allows you to capture, thanks to our smartphone or tablet, and the help of GPS networks, the Pokémon in various corners of the real world. However not always have the opportunity to be with our mobile device in your hand during moments of our routine, and the battery drains quickly staying for a long time with the screen turned on, so Nintendo has decided to commercialize Pokemon GO hack Plus  , a bracelet that It allows us to keep playing and find the Pokémon even without use our smartphones.

How does Pokémon Go Plus?

It must first specify that it is an accessory that aids the gameplay, and it is not absolutely essential to fully enjoy the game. In essence it is a bracelet with Bluetooth connection that connects the app Pokemon Go  hack installed on our mobile device. By vibration and notification LED will indicate to us the presence nearby of a Pokémon, and we can even catch him slightly pressing a button located on the bracelet itself.

This accessory will allow you to continue to actively hunt the Pokémon without losing sight of what is around you to stare at the screen of your smartphone, also can significantly save battery power. In addition it will also allow you to stay more alert and prevent the dangers, such as tripping or doing little attention to the road. The bracelet is very comfortable and lightweight: weighs only 13 grams and measuring 46mm x 33mm x 17.5mm.

GO Plus Pokémon: Price, availability and where to buy it

The Pokémon bracelet GOP Plus is priced at € 39.99 and has not given an official launch date for Italy. The Nintendo site reports that will be available no earlier than 14 days from the launch of the app, but in any case before the end of July. The app  Plus Pokémon GO hack is now available since this morning in Italy and the bracelet is now again preorder the Nintendo site, or alternatively from GameStop .

Here are the contents of the package:

  • 1x GO Plus Pokémon (PMC-001)
  • 1x wrist strap by GO Plus Pokémon (PMC-002
  • Diameter: about 4-7cm
  • Material: Polyester
  • 1x CR2032 Lithium Button Battery (preinstalled)

Smartphone compatible:  Pokemon GO hack plus will be compatible with iPhone® 5 / 5c / 5s / SE / 6 / 6s / 6 Plus / 6s Plus and iOS operating systems 8-9.

In July 2016, the GO Plus Pokémon compatible with smartphones based on the Android operating system is still developing.

GO Plus Pokémon: you should buy it?

The answer to this question is very subjective. The Pokémon Go app downloads include, although it offers microtransactions in the game, it is not absolutely necessary to spend money to fully enjoy the gameplay. Purchase an extra physical accessory at a price of about € 40 can then seem disproportionate at first glance, but if we consider everything weird and embarrassing that is going on in the world to stand with eyes glued to the smartphone fearing to lose catching a Pokémon, this accessory could make it easier by far the hunt and help you feel more relaxed in the various activities that characterize your cosnueta routine.

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