The new update of Hay Day is here

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YEEHAW !!! and you can download the new game update hay day hack tool ! It comes with one of the most requested feature is the mode Farm and editing town! From now on you you will be able to fully renew your farm and city designs and save multiple different configurations. Without further ado, here’s the full changelog:

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Introducing: Farm and city in edit mode!

  •  decorate the farm and the people no longer going to be a difficult task with these tools so easy to use. Do you want to delete everything and start decorating from scratch? Just press a few buttons and you’re done!
  • Like your current farm and want to record it before making a new one? Just start a new design in an empty slot!
  • You can have up to five designs for your farm, and five for your city. them names so that you may easily choose the one you want to use!
  • In edit mode you can quickly place dozens of fields, fences, roads, trees or shrubs!

C haracteristics requested by the community:

  • The new Asian-inspired decorations: Create a great Zen atmosphere with bonsai tree, doors, fences rope and stone lanterns. You can enjoy the animations cat decorations and source of lucky bamboo.
  • The chat neighborhood is now accessible even outside their own farm.
  • We have increased the number of farms may continue until 10!
  • The price for “Get Ship Now” is decreased along with the remaining time! The less time you miss a boat to get cheaper will get the boat now!


  • Tile decorations available both on the Ferris wheel, and packages postman.
  • Stay tuned for the Easter season and our Easter event, where you can win an exclusive decoration. Additional themed decorations will also be available at the store.
  • Bug fixes and improvements overall system stability.

Sounds great, right? !! We can not wait to see their new designs farms and villages !! Oh, and yes, I ended winter theme!

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